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Legal Fees:

Fixed fees, Equity based fees, and Hybrid-Equity fees

Legal fees and the fee relationship with your lawyer often is the most disconcerting aspect of that relationship.  While the standard hourly fee is most common, Ken has been structuring alternative and hybrid fee arrangements since 1988.  Depending upon the legal matter and market conditions, it may be possible to implement one of these legal fee structures:

  • Fixed fee arrangement

  • Equity based

  • Hybrid equity and cash fee

  • Milestone fees

  • Minimum and maximum fee

  • Retainer on a monthly basis

  • Chief Legal Officer services

  • In-house or general counsel services

  • Hybrid cash fee, or

  • Standard hourly fee

Once you become a client, Ken will work with you to find a fee structure that benefits both you and your company plus the law firm. 

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