Discrimination because of Disabilities or Medical Conditions under Covid-19 Rules

My monthly offer is up to $1,000 value of FREE legal assistance each to up to ten Connecticut individuals with a disability, or medical condition such as an immune  compromised condition, respiratory condition, or other illness -- AND -- you were wronged because of application or misapplication of Covid-19 rules or laws.   


During the month of August, 2020 I first offered the above, and will continue to do so during the remainder of the pandemic in Connecticut or Florida.  This offer is to those in need of such assistance.

If you or a loved one has suffered discrimination or mistreatment because you can't wear a mask, can't easily social distance, or can't meet another Covid-19 requirement, this lawyer wants to help.   For example, if you were prohibited entry into a store or denied service because you are not able to wear a mask because of a medical exemption.   If a commercial or retail establishment, or a member of the public harassed you despite your medical exemption claiming Covid-19 laws or rules.   Let's protect your rights.    

I want to help you.   I will not charge you, or collect money from you or for you; this will be a public service.   If you are eligible, please call me at (860) 724-7000 or (561) 883-0700 or email me at info@KBLpc.com.


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